Vicki Wilkerson

Author of Authentic Southern Fiction 

Swamps and Soirees

Book 3 in the Summerbrook Novels

A June 2017 Release from Filigree Press

"Alligators are way safer than aristocrats."

​Hanna, mired by duty and love, is stuck in the swamps that border the little town of Summerbrook. But she has dreams that soar like the white herons that grace her special waters. When she pursues those goals, however, she catches a snag in the form of a handsome Charleston aristocrat, whose bloodline runs blue and pure. Her heritage, however, is as muddy as Sinker, the sweet mutt she’s adopted. Unfortunately, the society she encounters is harsh and unaccepting, and Hanna—even with her brilliant financial abilities—doesn’t fit in anywhere. Disaster trails her like a storm surge following a hurricane. The dark, shallow waters beacon her back—to abandon her career and love and to embrace the simple peace she once had on the edge of her swamp because she grows to believe that “Alligators are way safer than aristocrats.”

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Gardenia Plantation

(Southern Gothic Women's Fiction)

A haunting story about a Southern aristocratic family and the lengths they'd go to protect their own...

Praise for Bikers and Pearls

  • “A sweetly Southern story with a deep heart.” –Deborah Smith, New York Times bestselling author of A Place to Call Home

  • This lovely book is a romantic journey of self-discovery, acceptance and understanding. With wonderful characters and a captivating story, it has a perfect combination of moments that are heartwarming and touching, those which make your heart ache and humor at which I laughed out loud.” –Review from Amazon and Goodreads


  • “I can easily say this is the best Bliss book I’ve read yet. It’s a very sweet, very satisfying romance with a lovely HEA. I highly recommend it.” –Sutton Fox, Fox Tales

  • "Towards the end of the book I was crying....literally had tears coming down my face because there was such an AMAZING scene. Of course I was laughing the entire book, and of course had my awww..... moments…” –Meagan Weis, Inside the World of Books 

  • “…I was drawn in by the rebel biker Bullworth "Bull" Clayton meeting demure pearls and skirts wearing April Church but the sweetness between them unfolded and I was hooked.” –Sarah Tolinger, Vine Voice

  •  “There is no hanky-panky in this book.  I repeat: there is NO hanky-panky in this book!  And you know what?!  I LOVED IT!  It made their relationship all that much more real, for me.  The chemistry is TOTALLY obvious, and they didn't need to sleep together to prove it. (Ya'll know how much I love me some steamy romances, but this is perfect just the way it is.)” –Ashley Bodette at Book Junkie

Bikers and Pearls

From Bliss at Entangled Publishing
Book 1 in the Summerbrook Novels   

Who said tempting a sweet Southern belle would be easy?

When rebel biker Bullworth Clayton gets tangled up with pastel-and-pearls-clad April Church, sparks fly. Sure, April would clearly rather work with anyone else, but if teaming up with Bull means a successful charity event for a sick little boy they both care about, then so be it.
April is baffled at how drawn she is to the leather-wearing, tattooed Bull—he just doesn’t fit with her simple, safe, country-club life. And as much as the handsomely rugged man tempts her, she still can’t shake the images of the tragic motorcycle accident from her past, which left her scarred and her father broken.
Bull tempts her to don a pair of leather pants and go for a ride with him, while April desperately tries to resist her attraction to the wild side and keep her exploits hidden from her small town. Will they be able to navigate their differences and find a middle road to love?




Fireflies and Lies

Book 4 in The Summerbrook Novels

A November 2017 Release from Filigree Press

Even rivers cannot drown secrets forever.

​Jenna’s life is filled with all sorts of charitable endeavors; however, what she needs to accomplish most—to save her family’s plantation and history—seems as elusive as…fireflies. She must develop a plan to fulfill the antiquated requirements of her ancestor’s will, but she isn’t willing to compromise her ideals in order to achieve her goals—until she finds herself in the middle of a rural farm in a most intriguing situation with a man who just might destroy her chances of protecting her family’s heritage.
Hogan has sworn off superficial debutantes because his life had been wrecked by one, and he is still dealing with the broken aftermath with his precious, autistic daughter. When he meets Jenna, he thinks he’s found the answer to repair some of what’s been tearing his heart apart at home—until he discovers that Jenna’s a card-carrying member of the local landed gentry, and he realizes he cannot risk exposing Savannah to abandonment again.

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Sweet Tea and Time

Book 2 in The Summerbrook Novels  

A February 2017 Release from Filigree Press
Some Southern girls don't wear pearls...

Charlene won’t let Aiken destroy her plans to become the first female home builder in her small town. Unfortunately, he keeps showing up at her job and on her grandmother’s porch, interfering with everything…and drinking sweet tea like he’s got no place to go. But she does, and she can’t figure out why he’s getting under her skin and simultaneously ruining her career goals when so much is at stake for her grandmother.

Aiken is mesmerized by Charlene’s simple, solid beauty…and her hard work. Each day he grows more certain that she’d be perfect as his site manager for the Humanity Project, an organization that builds homes for the disadvantaged. At the same time, however, he grows even more convinced that he’ll never get past her impenetrable walls because everything he does to build the house a little girl and her family so desperately need backfires…against Charlene.  




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