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  • Swamps and Soirees is now available in paperback and digital on Amazon!
  • ​Wen Lily's Cafe and Gift Shop on Main Street in Summerton, South Carolina, will be hosting an author signing for Vicki Wilkerson on June 24, 2017 from 11-1.
  • Sweet Tea and Time is now available in paperback and digital on Amazon!
  • Vick is working on the next installment in The Summerbrook Series at Gardenia Hall, her favorite place in the world to write.


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​​​​Sweet Tea and Time

Some Southern girls don't wear pearls...

Charlene won’t let Aiken destroy her plans to become the first female home builder in her small town. Unfortunately, he keeps showing up at her job and on her grandmother’s porch, interfering with everything…and drinking sweet tea like he’s got no place to go. But she does, and she can’t figure out why he’s getting under her skin and simultaneously ruining her career goals when so much is at stake for her grandmother.

Aiken is mesmerized by Charlene’s simple, solid beauty…and her hard work. Each day he grows more certain that she’d be perfect as his site manager for the Humanity Project, an organization that builds homes for the disadvantaged. At the same time, however, he grows even more convinced that he’ll never get past her impenetrable walls because everything he does to build the house a little girl and her family so desperately need backfires…against Charlene.  

Available for purchase NOW on AMAZON!

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The Summerbrook Novels are sweet, uplifting stories about a group of friends in a small, Southern town and all the issues inherent in having everybody knowing everybody else’s business. Pick up Swamps & Soirees, Sweet Tea & Time and Bikers & Pearls to find out all the juicy gossip that’s going around in Summerbrook. And look for book four in the series to be coming soon!

Author of Authentic Southern Fiction 

Swamps and Soirees

"Alligators are way safer than aristocrats."

Hanna, mired by duty and love, is stuck in the swamps that border the little town of Summerbrook. But she has dreams that soar like the white herons that grace her special waters. When she pursues those goals, however, she catches a snag in the form of a handsome Charleston aristocrat, whose bloodline runs blue and pure. Her heritage, however, is as muddy as Sinker, the sweet mutt she’s adopted. Unfortunately, the society she encounters is harsh and unaccepting, and Hanna—even with her brilliant financial abilities—doesn’t fit in anywhere. Disaster trails her like a storm surge following a hurricane. The dark, shallow waters beacon her back—to abandon her career and love and to embrace the simple peace she once had on the edge of her swamp because she grows to believe that “Alligators are way safer than aristocrats.”

Vicki Wilkerson

Southern Writer Fiction Author